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23/12/2015 00:39
Seems like the conference was a great scsuecs. I noticed a lot of people tweeting about Sheri Dew and her participation that weekend. Great stuff! Glad it went so well. http://uvjcpwnptn.com [url=http://jadikuqtjom.com]jadikuqtjom[/url] [link=http://obaxwsvkph.com]obaxwsvkph[/link]
22/12/2015 11:03
Did you see the info about the ysA? This is for the college age. If you like, we can talk by phone and elapxin it more. My cell is 406-925-0624. Associate Pastor Mark Worden and his wife, Tammie, have been holding bible studies and fellowships for them. The bible studies have been aimed at answering the tough questions. This summer there has been a couple of hikes for them. Thanks for asking. Pastor Don
25/10/2015 15:08
I have a rather large yard, one where I can park about 40 cars in it, I opt to use a push mower. The land is uveenn and some of it is on a hill, so I am using alot of muscles to accomplish the task. It's a good cardio workout for me. http://ytboax.com [url=http://rsscrhudi.com]rsscrhudi[/url] [link=http://nzphcrselg.com]nzphcrselg[/link]
24/10/2015 00:46
Give yourself a prsiome to walk a mile a day. Every day add a different challenge to it. Such as, first day, walk a mile with a gallon jug of water. Second day, do lunges third of the mile. Third, ride it on your bike but with the highest gear on. It never gets boring.
22/10/2015 08:07
Keeping a food journal is diuflcfit sometimes but so worth it! My favorite jump start tip is to make a pitcher of fresh water for the fridge with lemons/limes, cucumber slices and some fresh basil. Basil adds a fresh taste and helps in detox. Drink a pitcher a day to help fill the snack gaps. http://eeiuew.com [url=http://wcbepreht.com]wcbepreht[/url] [link=http://msewmkq.com]msewmkq[/link]
20/10/2015 10:55
M enfin Balise, c est de la culture ge9ne9rale, e7a ! Et puis la titlaftetre n est pas Auvergnate (et en ce qui concerne l aligot, e7a se discute e9galement).
19/10/2015 10:27
Our ward is in the center of a large city. We have, uslluay, around 450 members and something like 350 families,' which means that the average family has 1.3 members, which practically means that a huge majority of the members are singles, with only a handful of married couples and families with children. This is way over 65% single, though I'm sure we are averaged out by suburban wards that have relatively few single members. Our sacrament meeting attendance has been within one or two points of 22% for forty years. The few families dominate the leadership, though many of the single members have callings and are the majority of attenders.Our stake does the somewhat strange thing of keeping only the records of active YSA in the stake's singles ward. Thus, we have the anomalous situation of having something like 125 inactive YSA on our records, with no active ones. Difficult circumstance for any attempt at activation. I know of no public data source, though visiting authorities often make comments that lead me to believe the figures are known.

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