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Statistic for 'Starneox Web Hosting'

Statistic for the past 7 days
23-10-2017 0
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17-10-2017 0

Statistic week-to-week (for the past month)
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5 week 0

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25/10/2015 15:08
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22/10/2015 08:07
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20/10/2015 10:54
Our stake, largely cospmoed of suburban Californians with overcrowded, good public schools, had a similar statistic quoted two years ago, and I'm sure it hasn't changed significantly. Either 60% or 66% don't exactly remember.We also have the rule that singles wards keep records only for active singles currently attending their wards.
19/10/2015 10:03
Stay tuned for some media uploads, music, vioeds, and more art! I'll be updating this site as quickly as I can.. but you know.. a girl's gotta eat :)

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